Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Aaaaand We're Back!

I am completely shocked by the date of my last post. It's disgraceful, and yet, look what has happened since then! I finished law school, took the bar exam, got an amazing job, and took our first family vacation EVER. I even read a non-law book while at our little beach cottage, and met another mother-in-the-legal-profession blogger friend in real life.

It's all been a huge accomplishment and the culmination of years of planning and yet here I sit with a dilemma. What in the world will I blog about now? I am no longer a law student, not one of the huddled masses trying to find work in the legal field and keep themselves and their families fed, and I'm not particularly witty. Hopefully I will write about my family and my research and not bore everyone to death, and yet I sort of feel like being boring might be the greatest reward of all. No more insanely stressful finals. No more "having it all" trying to balance law school and a young daughter. Now I just go to work, come home, make dinner, and play princesses. It's really sort of awesome and if boring you, my few dear readers who kept me on a blogroll and will go "Huh." when you see my update is the price I have to pay then I am okay with it.

I promise to be more eloquent in the future, but I can't promise content!

So, a note about my new job for those who are curious what I am doing. Shortly before the bar exam, I panicked and started applying to random public interest and non-profit positions. I was hoping to get something that would qualify for public interest loan forgiveness, and I didn't care that much about pay. I was going to be flexible, and if I got something related to law that would be a swell bonus. I spent all three years of law school doing criminal defense. I worked on a hugely publicized murder trial out of state that ended in a hung jury. My poor client is sitting in custody waiting for his new trial, and I was so heartbroken by the system I felt like I could use a break. Enter our local university, which houses a criminal justice research facility. They were looking for a research analyst to edit findings and reports to be published, do research, a bit of writing, and as a bonus for them, do some criminal law consulting. In the short time that I have been there I have worked on very interesting studies about experimental courtrooms, truancy, re-entry/recidivism, and more. It's very detail-oriented work, the people are great, and I am fully benefited staff at the university which includes amazing benefits. As my husband is also benefited staff, we're in a pretty decent position to get a great education for Abby. We even get a pension. I'm not sure how long this will last, it depends on our grants and other things but for now it seems permanent. I figure I am learning so much and should things change I will practice.

We'll have to wait for those bar results to be sure of my backup plan, but I feel like I passed. It's based completely on my gut, I honestly couldn't tell you how I did. I don't feel like I guessed that often, so there's that. Anyway, I promise to write again soon and not be so scatterbrained. We'll see how it goes, now that I am starting a new boring life!