Saturday, April 30, 2011


Today I am in a zone of bliss. I've actually been studying for my ConLaw exam (an improvement from CrimLaw last week) and I feel like I'm maybe starting to get a handle on it. Things at home are great. I did a ton of spring cleaning last week, which makes hanging out in the basement (that's where the Law Cave is) much nicer. The upstairs was driving me insane because it's not as clean, and then The Mad Scientist went and cleaned up the kitchen. He even mopped the floor and then proceeded to dance around in it, rejoicing at how his feet were NOT sticking to the linoleum. Yeah, law school puts a major damper on my OCD cleaning and organizing. It's sad that I am looking forward to my internship because I know I can come home and COOK AND CLEAN at the end of the day. Yep, I'm progressive all right.

In other news, we've decided to get pregnant again. I visited the doctor and got off birth control and now we are officially trying. We figure we will try to avoid getting pregnant during times where it will put my due date during exams, but other than that we're just winging it. I figure it will be better to do this while in law school than once I'm out, and no time is really a good time so we may as well go for it. I feel extremely happy about this decision, though I hope I can drop the weight I want to before I get pregnant. It took a really long time last time around, so maybe that means I'll have some time to get in shape. I'm hoping the summer will give me a chance to exercise more (perhaps on my lunch hour?) and drop the pounds.

I have this vision of returning to school in the fall looking so good people don't recognize me. Of course all I have to do is open my mouth and people will be like "OH YEAH IT'S YOU."

That reminds me, I have a tiny rant. I am what is considered a "strong personality." Lately I am more and more realizing that this is code for "bitch", which is really upsetting. It's a tactful way of saying that I hurt people's feelings with absolutely no intention to, I can rub people the wrong way, and people feel intimidated by me despite my best efforts. It's something I struggle with and work on a lot. What upsets me is that for those "weak personalities" (hey, if you can say I have a strong personality what is the alternative? But "weak" does sound pejorative...) it means they are often upset with me and don't feel like they can tell me so. So nothing gets resolved and they just resent me, while I go on oblivious. It's SO frustrating. I don't say anything mean to people (and try to avoid saying anything mean ABOUT people) and yet they infer a "tone" in what I say. I am very direct. I don't say one thing while meaning something else. I'm not a catty girl who says she is fine but doesn't mean it. If I have an issue I address it, but 99.9% of the time I give people the benefit of the doubt and don't get offended if someone sounds bitchy. I just assume they don't mean to offend me and let it go. Why can't these people do the same for me?

Okay, end rant. For the most part I just let those people go on with their lives without me in it. I care about people and if they find themselves hurt by me (even if I have no intention and can't do anything to prevent it) I don't want them to have to feel that way. Unfortunately this means there are just some friendships I can't have, and it hurts.

So, back to ConLaw studies! I just finished my outline so now I'm just going to do a practice test and enjoy my evening. Good luck to everyone on their exams!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dreams of Dooce

Hello Interwebs, I've missed you! I'm sorry I've been away, it's just that my criminal exam was making me want to hurt people. And by people I mean myself. And by myself I mean my bank account. Shopping is a great way to procrastinate. So CrimLaw is done, and now I have to prep for ConLaw. Which makes me want to hurt people. And by people I mean my Playstation. Because the fricking network outage means I have no Netflix on my television and it makes me want to hurt people. And by people I mean... well you get the idea. Law school makes you violent.

So, due to stress and finals and sickness and all that lovely crap (yes, I said lovely crap) I have been having SUCH bizarre dreams. More than usual. Some of them have been about my male classmates and would make my mother blush. Which is saying something because I am not entirely sure anything CAN make my mother blush.

Last night, I dreamed of Heather Armstrong from We're old buddies you see, in that she lives in my neighborhood so I've run into her exactly TWICE. But that isn't how my brain works. No, my brain turns two random encounters into a RELATIONSHIP. I dreamed that we took our toddlers to a baby party thingie and she offered me a ride home. In one of those SUV-limo thingies. She had some errands to run and I was so desperate to see their new house (which sounds amazing IRL) that I agreed to tag along and help out. Our girls played and seemed to get along, so we decided to make a day of it. When we got to the house it turned out to be this enormous red brick converted firehouse! I got the grand tour and kept thinking to myself how I must be experiencing what it's like to be cool. Because they are cool, Heather and Jon, and maybe I could be cool by being in close proximity? After the tour she went and grabbed me a small gift bag, which contained some swag an adoring fan or adoring corporation had sent to her. "Thanks for keepin' me comp'ny." She even remembered my name and introduced me to Jon.

Okay, seriously. My dreams are whack. But if anyone could renovate an old firehouse and make it the object of everyone's jealous desires it would be Dooce herself. I'm not a crazed fan, I promise. I just have extremely odd dreams. Does that mean I won't scan the neighborhood for signs of a looming red brick house? No, it does not.

Friday, April 15, 2011

It's A Plan

This morning at 8AM sharp every law student got online and tried to register for classes. Most filled up in about 1 minute. It's insanity, you guys. We have SO many course offerings and such limited space that many are small sections. Which results in full classes, very full classes. I had my schedule all planned out with a backup version in case I didn't get into the most popular classes.

I hit the button at 8AM and it all went through! Others have not been so lucky. I'm sure in some ways my very specific career track gave me an advantage. Not everyone wants to do almost all Criminal classes. I wanted to dabble more, take some things in other areas so that I could be sure of my field. But the practical clinics I want to do have a ton of pre-requisites and they are all criminal. I also wanted to avoid a particular professor, who happens to teach in that field. He's a great guy, but his personal ideology is so opposite of mine and it does affect the course. Anyway, I ended up with Evidence, Pre-Trial Prep, ConLaw II, and Innocence Clinic for Fall and Legal Profession, Trial Advocacy, Moot Court, Innocence Clinic, and Criminal Procedure for Spring.

I'm happy it's done, but it's weird to have the next year of your life planned out already. It should be comforting to a Type A personality like me, but it's not.

I also got permission to work at the pro bono catchall clinic each week this summer. Basically there are free legal clinics for Criminal Law, Family Law, Rainbow Law, etc. and this one is for everything else. We do a lot of contract issues, landlord-tenant, employment etc. It's always interesting and always teaches me.

I got rejected for 2 of the 3 things I've applied for this fall. I'm disheartened because I was more than qualified for them and I know the decision came down to grades. It's frustrating that your whole legal career hinges on one semester of grades! Yes, I can get better grades later, but not getting these positions puts me at a disadvantage when applying to other things later. So in the end, grades really do matter. I had a real chance to contribute and they were shortsighted enough to just snag the top 10%. LAME.

Anyway, I have so much planned it won't matter, but it would have been nice. On the super duper good news circuit, Brian was offered a new position at the university. My 50% tuition discount is secure!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Oh. My. Goodness.

Okay that isn't exactly the language I used, but you get the idea.
Today was a huge day for University of Utah. We had Chief Justice
Roberts scheduled to come and preside over our moot court championship
round, along with our former professor and recently appointed 10th
circuit judge Scott Matheson, and the chief justice of the Utah
Supreme Court, Christine Durham.

This was to take place at noon in the performing arts theater on
campus. So I thought it was semi-odd that the security brief they sent
out the night before told us to keep our bags in our lockers/carrels
instead of bringing them with us to class. Which was weird since he
wouldn't even BE in the law school. Carry my laptop in the halls
unprotected? YUCK.

This morning was a mock oral argument of the appellate brief all 1L's
wrote this semester. We have oral argument next week, and the teachers
thought it would be nice to see some upperclassmen show us how it's
done. Imagine our surprise when instead of a writing instructor, the
Chief Justice HIMSELF walks out to preside over it.

AWESOME you guys. SO awesome. After the arguments, we had 30 minutes
left and he offered to answer questions. There are only a hundred of
us and in the moot courtroom it's a very intimate experience. He was
like, 20 feet from me and I kept thinking this will NEVER happen again
to me in my lifetime. He was funny and self-deprecating and SO smart.

Apparently they had some time to kill in the morning. I guess he isn't
a skier, because he opted to spend that time with us instead. He got
the problem 3 days ago. MY problem, you guys! I will do better in my
oral argument next week because of questions posed by the CHIEF

All caps, I know, but I thought my heart would BURST.

What an amazing surprise, I can't believe they pulled it off.

Monday, April 4, 2011

What is scarier?

The fact that I have only two weeks left of classes and I still know ZERO criminal law, or the fact that I signed up to sing at a LAW SCHOOL TALENT SHOW on Friday. Yeah, THIS Friday. And I just signed up TODAY.


I am singing a very difficult song, because I figure if I am to be humiliated forever at law school, I am going to do it singing MARTINA MCBRIDE.


So things are getting crazy. I got proactive about finding a different internship for the summer, because my original deal didn't seem to be working out. The attorney was so busy and I became concerned that he wouldn't have time to really mentor me. So, I found a few other opportunities. I accepted an offer today and I am very excited. I think that this will be a much better fit for me. The attorney and I talked like we were old buddies, and it's super close to my house. I am even considering putting my fat butt on a bicycle to get to the office every day. WHOO!

I also applied for two fellowships for this fall and I will know by the end of the month if I've been accepted. I am actually quite excited for this, because Brian has been rehired at the university which means with the fellowship I could potentially have free tuition. Half off is nice, ALL OFF IS BETTER. (That's what she said.)

Anywho, things are looking great for summer. I'm going to get busy learning Spanish, do some criminal law work, and continue doing pro bono work at the summer clinics. All in all, I will still have time to take Abby to the park which makes for my ultimate summer.

I cannot believe my 1L year is over in just a few short weeks.