Friday, April 15, 2011

It's A Plan

This morning at 8AM sharp every law student got online and tried to register for classes. Most filled up in about 1 minute. It's insanity, you guys. We have SO many course offerings and such limited space that many are small sections. Which results in full classes, very full classes. I had my schedule all planned out with a backup version in case I didn't get into the most popular classes.

I hit the button at 8AM and it all went through! Others have not been so lucky. I'm sure in some ways my very specific career track gave me an advantage. Not everyone wants to do almost all Criminal classes. I wanted to dabble more, take some things in other areas so that I could be sure of my field. But the practical clinics I want to do have a ton of pre-requisites and they are all criminal. I also wanted to avoid a particular professor, who happens to teach in that field. He's a great guy, but his personal ideology is so opposite of mine and it does affect the course. Anyway, I ended up with Evidence, Pre-Trial Prep, ConLaw II, and Innocence Clinic for Fall and Legal Profession, Trial Advocacy, Moot Court, Innocence Clinic, and Criminal Procedure for Spring.

I'm happy it's done, but it's weird to have the next year of your life planned out already. It should be comforting to a Type A personality like me, but it's not.

I also got permission to work at the pro bono catchall clinic each week this summer. Basically there are free legal clinics for Criminal Law, Family Law, Rainbow Law, etc. and this one is for everything else. We do a lot of contract issues, landlord-tenant, employment etc. It's always interesting and always teaches me.

I got rejected for 2 of the 3 things I've applied for this fall. I'm disheartened because I was more than qualified for them and I know the decision came down to grades. It's frustrating that your whole legal career hinges on one semester of grades! Yes, I can get better grades later, but not getting these positions puts me at a disadvantage when applying to other things later. So in the end, grades really do matter. I had a real chance to contribute and they were shortsighted enough to just snag the top 10%. LAME.

Anyway, I have so much planned it won't matter, but it would have been nice. On the super duper good news circuit, Brian was offered a new position at the university. My 50% tuition discount is secure!

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  1. Ahh you got so luck with registration! I tried to register asap, and still got locked out of some classes. Fortunately people are dropping classes left and right already, so I got most of them anyway. :)