Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Mr. Silk has been renamed S.O.T, because that's what he thinks he is. Email me if you want to know what it stands for.

I think S.O.T waxes his chest.

I should be doing Torts, Contracts, CivPro, and Legal Research reading right now.

But I'm not.

Monday, August 30, 2010

It Hurts

My head is killing me. I think it may have something to do with the very loud concert I went to last night (Doobie Brothers). I was good though, I did all my reading beforehand and got home by 10:30. I got my 8 hours of sleep in and spent time this afternoon finishing my reading for tomorrow. I did not bring a book home with me. I wanted to have tonight to do whatever I felt like doing.

And now I have a goddamn headache.


In other news, my mom and I got to go backstage and see the band after the concert. I got a picture taken with the lead guitarist and hugs from the rest. It was super fun and an awesome show.

Today in both Torts and Contracts I immensely enjoyed the lectures and the cases we went over. Tonight for fun I think I will watch The Paper Chase. The curiosity is just killing me!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Finished the First Week

I survived the first week of law school. (Well, the first real one anyway.) I think it's quite an accomplishment, as it is true what they say. Law schools do not ease you in, they just shove you in face-first. So far, I am deeply impressed with the quality of the staff and faculty. In my day I've encountered a fair share of bad teachers. There are those who hate their jobs, those who are bored, those who are on a power trip, those who are passionate but inarticulate, and my favorite, the lechers.

I haven't seen any of that, yet. Professor K scared the crap out of me on the first day. He came in two minutes late and immediately said, Mr. Smith, list the facts in Case v. Case. Luckily the student was prepared and began explaining the case. Professor K kept it coming, tossing it out and slamming it back. My first impression of him when he walked in was dead wrong. I think most people have the same first impression and his teaching style compensates. He's very impressive and deadly smart. I left feeling sick to my stomach.

That night, I prepared better for the class. Had I been Mr. Smith, I would have failed utterly. The next day, I felt much better and quite enjoyed the class. The day after that, I gave an argument the professor said he enjoyed and gave me a "Well done."

Torts was scary too. I can see how contracts and torts require a very strong teacher. They're heavy subjects and do not lend themselves well to lecture-style teaching. Socratic seems to work great for them. That said, I am glad they are the only Socratic style courses I have.

Every upperclassman I spoke with told me I was "lucky" to have Professor T for torts. People really like him. Visiting speakers and attorneys throughout the valley will ask you when they hear you're a law student, "Hey, how is Professor T doing?"

And yet people told me he was scary. And he is. I also really like him and now I get how people can both like and fear a professor. He's brutal. He tells you when you're wrong. Interrupts you when in the first two words out of your mouth he knows you're off track (and HE KNOWS) and moves on to the next person. But once he sees you're squirming and miserable he will cut you a break.

He reassured us by telling us if we fuck up royally we lose no points. If we do awesome, we gain points. He encouraged us to guess, to make stuff up, to try. We have nothing to lose and he could care less if we don't get it right.

Apparently his exams are crazy. He will list a sentence from the casebook with two blanks and you are expected to fill them in. Harsh, man.

I'm not sure how I feel about CivPro. I know a lot of people hate the subject. My professor is really good though. I felt sort of lost the first couple of days because she stays so true to the textbook. It's sort of rare for a professor to do that. I wasn't sure how to study, it wasn't like I could just keep reading the textbook. I think I'm getting a handle on it now but only time will tell.

After advice from friends I've edited this post. I don't want to upset any classmates. I'm still going to make amusing comments about classmates, but I'm going be a little more non-specific. I'm keeping the nicknames, but I will probably use them for multiple people. Gigi will be code for girl gunner, and JoJo will be code for boy gunner. We'll see how that goes.

Sex on Toast (S.O.T) is way too hilarious to edit out. I hope no guy in the class suspects it's him, but if he does, hey it is a pretty flattering nickname.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Finding a Rhythym

Just when I thought I had the hang of this whole thing. Tuesdays and Wednesdays suck. I don't know whose genius idea it was to put four out of five of my classes on Wednesday, but I'm not a fan. I start at 9am and go all the way until 4:10. I have a one hour break in between. This means my Tuesday sucks, because I have to study between classes and most of the night. Wednesday sucks, because I don't have time between all the classes to get reading for Thursday done. And, since we have a class for days in a row, it's not like I can read more than one day ahead of time, it just wouldn't work.

Here is what it looks like:
(T=Torts M=Legal Methods C=Contracts P=Civil Proced. R=Legal Research)

Monday T Big Break

Tuesday M Big Break

Wednesday T 0 break P C 0 break R
Thursday T 0 break P

Friday M

As you can see I have Civil Procedure and Contracts three days in a row, and Torts nearly three days in a row. The Legal Methods/Research course I think I can handle cramming for, but CivPro, Torts and Contracts are pretty brutal and require a lot of focus. Arlene came up with a great study schedule for herself and I am going to try to do the same. It's sort of tough doing it with technology, I long for one of those big desktop calendars you can color on with markers or pencil etc. Of course I can get one for my office, but that won't help me much since I'm trying to do as much studying at school as possible. I am not sure how well that is going to work, we'll have to see. It's frustrating because people talk so much and so loudly, even in the library. I know things will quiet down once people are all caught up. "HOW WAS YOUR SUMMER!! OMG!!!!"

Ugh. I swear 2 and 3L's don't remember what their first week was like or you'd think they'd shut the hell up. Not that I'm bitter.

I am quite enjoying class, although a couple of my professors scare the hell out of me. I've spoken in class a few times. Only 2/5 professors are staunch socratics, so that's nice. I enjoy it to a point and I'm not that scared about when it's my turn, but I can't stand sitting there squirming while someone else gets grilled. Same reason I can't watch The Office; I over-empathize. *cringe*

I see now why people "gun." I don't think it's their ego, I think it's because they want to get the guy being grilled to get the right answer so we can all stop being so uncomfortable.

I think Contracts may be my favorite class. I did NOT see that one coming.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Law School Into Week

Intro week is officially over, and the real deal begins Tuesday. Here are my impressions (and the characters I've met) so far. The girl I met in the spring at Preview Day (we'll call her Lola) is awesome. I like her, I like her hubby, and we all have lots in common. We hung out the first day and met a lot of other people. Another awesome girl, Arlene, hooked up with us too and we had an instant trio. Fun times already, and I think we all felt more secure knowing we could lean on each other at the very least. We laugh A LOT but they are both really smart and I feel like we will all get along great and be supportive academically as well. We've already decided we're friends for life (or law school at the minimum) and the dive Chinese place we went to had ominous fortunes for us. We decided to keep them all. Mine said something like "Never underestimate yourself, human beings have unlimited potentials." Lola's said "You're never too old to learn." I can't remember Arlene's but it was similar. We all felt like it was just what we needed that day. Then it rained on us as we ran back to school.

I got myself a new backpack from Costco today, I think it's more waterproof than my other one and my laptop fits into the laptop sleeve inside. I feel safer knowing that. It also has a lot more pockets and places to stash all my crap, which is significant given I'm slightly nomadic during the school week.

I've made some male friends too. One, who I'll call Mr. Sweet, has an awesome wife and adorable kid. I'm going to form a parents group and I think they will be an integral part. I haven't really met anyone I didn't like. Every person there is super smart but also really friendly. There are the characters, of course, and while they can be quirky or annoying they are all really nice people.

Mr. Boom - Very loud, large-built guy who can be a bit condescending but is obviously just a Type A like myself. (Seeing yourself in others can be annoying)

Mr. Sweets - Caring family man starting over late in life. Great personality and while quiet at times seems quite ambitious.

Mr. Silk - This guy loves the sound of his own voice. I'm sure he's nuts about the rest of himself too. Harmless and funny, but wants to make sure everyone knows that.

Lola - All the best things about myself are reflected in her, which makes for a kindred spirit sort of friendship. Great for a laugh. Brutally intelligent.

Arlene - Sweet and incredibly spunky. Do not get on her bad side, or there will be tiny fists in your future. (Figuratively speaking, of course.) Also really smart, determined, highly organized. Hilarious to boot.

I'm sure there will be more, but these are the ones who stood out while writing this.

I haven't met any of my actual professors yet, as most of them were still on vacation. There were those who helped out with Into Week, but I won't have any of them until 2nd or 3rd year.

I haven't decided how to handle stories. I want to be open and honest in my blog, but I also don't want it to be anonymous. I don't want to piss anyone off, but if I feel like I need to rant I don't want to be barred. How to handle that?

Incidentally, I made an idiot of myself and now Lola, Arlene and I have an inside joke.

While pulling up my schedule to show it to Arlene, some of my classes looked different. I couldn't see my Torts class on the list. "Where is my torts class?!?" I freaked out. "Did they drop it somehow?" I was panicking. I don't know why, but I was. It didn't make sense, the total credits still added up correctly, but Torts was missing. Then Arlene says, "You're looking at Spring 2011." Whoops.

So now whenever one of us starts panicking someone bellows "WHERE IS MY TORTS CLASS! IT'S NOT THERE!!"

And we all crack up. I feel like 5% idiot when that happens, but hey, it really was funny.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We've Only Just Begun...

TO LIVE!!!!!

I finished my second day of school today. I have to say, I am SO relieved I decided to go. It would have been a huge mistake to miss out on this opportunity. The scambloggers really freaked me out, and for that I am grateful. It forced me to think long and hard about what I really wanted and how much I wanted it. It forced me to do the math and work out how much we can live on and how much we need to borrow. It forced me to have alternative plans if I can't get a lawyer job and how to survive if I have to settle for something different than I originally set out for. In short, I have my eyes wide open for this process and I don't think it ever hurts to be terrified of something so huge.

I absolutely love school. I love the professors I've met so far. The administration is awesome. The career staff are blunt and honest about prospects but damned determined to beat the odds and find jobs for everyone. The students I have met are fantastic and I've already made a couple of friends with whom I have a lot in common.

Also, being in Home State I am oddly happy when wine is served at a function, which thus far has been every single one. They're like grownups! (In the county where I grew up alcohol was NEVER EVER EVER served at work or school functions. In fact, it is illegal to do so in public buildings that are not bars unless you pay to have a bar-catering service and that is also not allowed in most public buildings.)

I've briefed a case. I've made an outline. I've read a textbook. So far so good, and I am really enjoying it.

One more thing: I was right about how helpful my Medieval Lit classes would be. If I can break down Beowulf (and translate it) I can handle legalese. We haven't had too much heretofore hence wherefore thus pursuant to stuff going on yet, but I've managed to get through what they've given me.

I am going to be starting a parents' group, as I haven't found one existing so far. A lot of parents expressed interest when I mentioned it at the picnic tonight. I think we'll have a great time and be a good resource for each other.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Bad Photos

As promised, here are pics. The lighting in my office is sort of weird so these pictures aren't all that impressive. Also the whole thing feels sort of disjointed and sparse, but it's not like that in real life.

The redone desk and the new art wall. I stuck some random photos up there for now, because my other art isn't ready to be hung. It's still all curvy from being rolled up. I got some replicas of the Declaration and the Constitution that I am considering hanging there. We'll see what happens. Sorry it's so crooked, but it's hard to get far enough away to capture the whole thing.

Up close to the new art wall.

My favorite place in the house; the reading nook.

The writing desk and my antique armoire. Unfortunately the writing desk and chair are currently more practical than attractive, but they'll do for now.

And there you have it! The office is (more or less) done!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'm About to Lose Control and I Think I Like It

I'm so excited! (Hey does anyone remember when Hot Sundae (AKA Kelly Kapowski, Lisa Turtle, and Jessy Spano) sang that song in that episode of Saved By the Bell where Jessy has a drug problem? Cause every time I sing it in my head I hear her voice going "I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so... (horsey squeal sob) SCARED! (more sobbing) and Zack Morris totally takes care of her and helps her kick the stims.)

That was a lot of parentheses. Sorry. Ahem.

Anywho, so I am excited. First, because though I failed miserably at getting the quilt done I did accomplish two major things tonight. I finished baby proofing our cupboards and drawers AND the toilet. No more Abigail pulling all the tupperware lids out of the drawer and throwing them about the kitchen. No more Abigail dipping her pacifier in the potty. No more Abigail coming out of the bathroom with Brian's flossing sticks or my nail polish or lipstick or bottles of hairspray. w00t! And I can return the drill I borrowed from my friend Sarah like two months ago.

I also started a new project I am very very excited about. I have issues. Sarah makes amazing artwork using woodblock technique. If you don't know what that is, read this so you can appreciate her awesomeness. She was working on a new motif when I came by one day, and saw her proof pieces. I begged her to let me have them and she did! So I have these two great pieces I want to hang in my office. They are not standard size, and framing them feels like it will sort of kill the homemadeness. I've been having this dilemma with some photos I want to have printed, as well as little handmade cards and things I make or receive. Frames are expensive, especially custom ones or especially large ones. So I used Google to get ideas of how to avoid this and came upon this site. Awesome idea.

The hardware store didn't have the S-hooks in a small enough size, nor the bulldog clips, so I will have to get those later. I got the wire up, and though it was a little tricky it looks REALLY good. I'm quite proud of how level and evenly spaced the two wires are. I promise to put up some pics as soon as it's all done.

For now I am using my 1L textbooks to flatten the artwork, as it has been rolled up while I've been decorating the office.

Oh, I also bought a staple gun. I am going to reupholster and reshape a sofa, you just watch me! I will post before and after of this as well.

So, I think these projects are being fueled by equal parts excitement and terror. School starts ON MONDAY. What the hell am I doing starting projects like this? No way am I going to have time in the near future for anything but panicking and banging my head against the wall while learning the 1L ropes.

Still, I think it's going to be awesome.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Time Is Running Out

It's Wednesday. Four more days and I'm a law student. The first welcome event is on Sunday night. I can't believe how quickly the time has gone by. I'm excited but also a little disappointed in myself. I didn't get the quilt done. I just haven't had the motivation. However, I've decided to just stay at school all day and treat it like a full time job. The hope is that by doing this I will still get to be a person when I get home at night (except for before exams.)

I've almost finished the text we're supposed to read before orientation. I've purchased some professional clothes to wear to events. I'm hoping to slim down so I don't want to buy too much just yet. I quite like the blazer I just got.

It's all just happening so fast!


I should really get to bed. I find myself staring at the television, willing myself to turn it off. The fan spins overhead, causing the blinds to flutter. Katat. Katat. Katat. The show is beautiful and sad, though I don't know if other people would see it that way. It's funny and cynical and frankly quite pornographic. I'm sure the critics eat it up.

I keep swimming in his eyes, that gorgeous former UFO hunter with his wry smile and leathery voice. Every time I see breasts I think it's so sad for his wife, knowing each scene fueled his sickness. Is she still his wife? I'm not even sure. I could Google it but that just feels like stalking.

I find it extremely unfair that they show so much female skin and I don't get to see more of him.

It's thought-provoking. I feel like I want to write. I want to be Hank Moody, self-deprecating and deep, intelligent and brutal. I don't think there is enough whiskey in the world to make me into that.

I used to write so much. At the time I felt pretty brilliant, but now when I go back and read any of it I feel pissed. Emo is no longer cool.

I should really get to bed. I've watched 4 episodes tonight.

Katat. Katat. Katat.

Friday, August 6, 2010

My Landlord Is Better Than Yours

I woke up to a power outage this morning. I decided to spend the time cleaning up, which was a good distraction from my COMPLETELY HORRIFIC separation from the Interblags. Sad! So I got the kitchen cleaned up and Abigail was napping (which is when I usually get to peruse the Webosphere). A knock at the door and it's my landlord, letting me know that he called the power company and they said it wouldn't be back on until late afternoon. It's going to be a hot mother here today, so I was pretty much dreading no air conditioning. Brian has the car today, so I was bummed I'd be trapped in Hot City with no way to cook and no access to the Blargoblag.

Another knock at the door an hour later, and my landlord presented me with a pizza, breadsticks, and sauce!

Of course, the power had come on five minutes before that, so his well-intentioned efforts to feed us when we couldn't cook were all for naught. Except he doesn't know how much I love pizza, oh boy am I going to reward him for his awesomeness. I'm thinking a sugar-free cake or something. (He's a diabetic, which means he made the trip to Little Caesars SOLELY FOR ME.) Like I said, awesomeness.

Anyone know any good diabetic-friendly recipes for people who are only half competent at baking?

Monday, August 2, 2010

I Want to Quit the Gym!

When we moved across the street we decided we should probably cancel our cable. So I called in to see what sort of deals they could give us, and they talked me into staying. Not too difficult, as I sort of figured we could just cancel later. Then the following things happened and pushed me to cancel.

1. For one month straight, we almost never used the cable TV. When we did, it was to play Mickey Mouse for Abby in the morning.
2. They screwed up my billing and charged me two late fees I didn't deserve.
3. They charged us 40 for installation and didn't disclose it beforehand.
4. Our bill was supposed to go from 120 a month to around 80 a month with the promo they were giving us, but instead went up to 170.

So, we hauled our cable box and remote (did you know they charge you 25 cents a month to rent THE REMOTE) and told them we wanted to shut off our cable but keep our internet. The girl looked at me and told me I would be charged a 14.00 fee for downgrading and the price of my internet would go up to 52 a month. I said fine.

She smiled and said "Let me see if I can get you a promo deal."

BAM! $19.99 a month for 6 months. NICE! So we went down from 170 to 20!

NICE. And we don't miss the TV at all!

Now I just have to figure out how to change banks. I have so many things set to come out automatically. Sure, I can turn off the auto-pay and set it up with the new bank information. In the meantime, I have no idea what account things will come out of or when. Companies are so unreliable when you have to make changes, but things have been running so smooth for so long. But, my bank is getting really annoying. They keep trying to sell me crap when I just want to make a deposit. They close down my online banking username with no explanation, then when I call they're all "Oh, I don't see any problems, try it again." and of course it works fine. Which means the person checked a box and reactivated it, then lied about it. (A proven call center technique to avoid conflict.) Stupid bank.

* I try not to be a conspiracy theorist, but I did post a reply to an article about my bank and their annoying upsell practices recently. The same day my online access was cut off. Coincidence?