Friday, August 6, 2010

My Landlord Is Better Than Yours

I woke up to a power outage this morning. I decided to spend the time cleaning up, which was a good distraction from my COMPLETELY HORRIFIC separation from the Interblags. Sad! So I got the kitchen cleaned up and Abigail was napping (which is when I usually get to peruse the Webosphere). A knock at the door and it's my landlord, letting me know that he called the power company and they said it wouldn't be back on until late afternoon. It's going to be a hot mother here today, so I was pretty much dreading no air conditioning. Brian has the car today, so I was bummed I'd be trapped in Hot City with no way to cook and no access to the Blargoblag.

Another knock at the door an hour later, and my landlord presented me with a pizza, breadsticks, and sauce!

Of course, the power had come on five minutes before that, so his well-intentioned efforts to feed us when we couldn't cook were all for naught. Except he doesn't know how much I love pizza, oh boy am I going to reward him for his awesomeness. I'm thinking a sugar-free cake or something. (He's a diabetic, which means he made the trip to Little Caesars SOLELY FOR ME.) Like I said, awesomeness.

Anyone know any good diabetic-friendly recipes for people who are only half competent at baking?

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