Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Time Is Running Out

It's Wednesday. Four more days and I'm a law student. The first welcome event is on Sunday night. I can't believe how quickly the time has gone by. I'm excited but also a little disappointed in myself. I didn't get the quilt done. I just haven't had the motivation. However, I've decided to just stay at school all day and treat it like a full time job. The hope is that by doing this I will still get to be a person when I get home at night (except for before exams.)

I've almost finished the text we're supposed to read before orientation. I've purchased some professional clothes to wear to events. I'm hoping to slim down so I don't want to buy too much just yet. I quite like the blazer I just got.

It's all just happening so fast!

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  1. Everyone I knew in law school that had a family did the "treat school as a full-time job" thing and it worked out well for all of them. It's not just a schedule that works for people with "baggage" though...I think that any way you can discipline yourself to do work for set hours (and give yourself set hours away from work) will help you succeed.

    Good luck!