Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We've Only Just Begun...

TO LIVE!!!!!

I finished my second day of school today. I have to say, I am SO relieved I decided to go. It would have been a huge mistake to miss out on this opportunity. The scambloggers really freaked me out, and for that I am grateful. It forced me to think long and hard about what I really wanted and how much I wanted it. It forced me to do the math and work out how much we can live on and how much we need to borrow. It forced me to have alternative plans if I can't get a lawyer job and how to survive if I have to settle for something different than I originally set out for. In short, I have my eyes wide open for this process and I don't think it ever hurts to be terrified of something so huge.

I absolutely love school. I love the professors I've met so far. The administration is awesome. The career staff are blunt and honest about prospects but damned determined to beat the odds and find jobs for everyone. The students I have met are fantastic and I've already made a couple of friends with whom I have a lot in common.

Also, being in Home State I am oddly happy when wine is served at a function, which thus far has been every single one. They're like grownups! (In the county where I grew up alcohol was NEVER EVER EVER served at work or school functions. In fact, it is illegal to do so in public buildings that are not bars unless you pay to have a bar-catering service and that is also not allowed in most public buildings.)

I've briefed a case. I've made an outline. I've read a textbook. So far so good, and I am really enjoying it.

One more thing: I was right about how helpful my Medieval Lit classes would be. If I can break down Beowulf (and translate it) I can handle legalese. We haven't had too much heretofore hence wherefore thus pursuant to stuff going on yet, but I've managed to get through what they've given me.

I am going to be starting a parents' group, as I haven't found one existing so far. A lot of parents expressed interest when I mentioned it at the picnic tonight. I think we'll have a great time and be a good resource for each other.

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    You soooooo crack me up Shanny! I love you and I KNOW you made the right choice.
    Love, Mom