Saturday, August 21, 2010

Law School Into Week

Intro week is officially over, and the real deal begins Tuesday. Here are my impressions (and the characters I've met) so far. The girl I met in the spring at Preview Day (we'll call her Lola) is awesome. I like her, I like her hubby, and we all have lots in common. We hung out the first day and met a lot of other people. Another awesome girl, Arlene, hooked up with us too and we had an instant trio. Fun times already, and I think we all felt more secure knowing we could lean on each other at the very least. We laugh A LOT but they are both really smart and I feel like we will all get along great and be supportive academically as well. We've already decided we're friends for life (or law school at the minimum) and the dive Chinese place we went to had ominous fortunes for us. We decided to keep them all. Mine said something like "Never underestimate yourself, human beings have unlimited potentials." Lola's said "You're never too old to learn." I can't remember Arlene's but it was similar. We all felt like it was just what we needed that day. Then it rained on us as we ran back to school.

I got myself a new backpack from Costco today, I think it's more waterproof than my other one and my laptop fits into the laptop sleeve inside. I feel safer knowing that. It also has a lot more pockets and places to stash all my crap, which is significant given I'm slightly nomadic during the school week.

I've made some male friends too. One, who I'll call Mr. Sweet, has an awesome wife and adorable kid. I'm going to form a parents group and I think they will be an integral part. I haven't really met anyone I didn't like. Every person there is super smart but also really friendly. There are the characters, of course, and while they can be quirky or annoying they are all really nice people.

Mr. Boom - Very loud, large-built guy who can be a bit condescending but is obviously just a Type A like myself. (Seeing yourself in others can be annoying)

Mr. Sweets - Caring family man starting over late in life. Great personality and while quiet at times seems quite ambitious.

Mr. Silk - This guy loves the sound of his own voice. I'm sure he's nuts about the rest of himself too. Harmless and funny, but wants to make sure everyone knows that.

Lola - All the best things about myself are reflected in her, which makes for a kindred spirit sort of friendship. Great for a laugh. Brutally intelligent.

Arlene - Sweet and incredibly spunky. Do not get on her bad side, or there will be tiny fists in your future. (Figuratively speaking, of course.) Also really smart, determined, highly organized. Hilarious to boot.

I'm sure there will be more, but these are the ones who stood out while writing this.

I haven't met any of my actual professors yet, as most of them were still on vacation. There were those who helped out with Into Week, but I won't have any of them until 2nd or 3rd year.

I haven't decided how to handle stories. I want to be open and honest in my blog, but I also don't want it to be anonymous. I don't want to piss anyone off, but if I feel like I need to rant I don't want to be barred. How to handle that?

Incidentally, I made an idiot of myself and now Lola, Arlene and I have an inside joke.

While pulling up my schedule to show it to Arlene, some of my classes looked different. I couldn't see my Torts class on the list. "Where is my torts class?!?" I freaked out. "Did they drop it somehow?" I was panicking. I don't know why, but I was. It didn't make sense, the total credits still added up correctly, but Torts was missing. Then Arlene says, "You're looking at Spring 2011." Whoops.

So now whenever one of us starts panicking someone bellows "WHERE IS MY TORTS CLASS! IT'S NOT THERE!!"

And we all crack up. I feel like 5% idiot when that happens, but hey, it really was funny.


  1. I'm so glad you have people already. I seriously could not have survived law school without my people. They're incredible.

    In the world of making an ass out of yourself, you didn't do too bad. Mine is much worse. Ask me about torts and 1912 someday.

    Does your school have an OWLS (Older Wiser Law Students) group? One of my best people came in at 33 and had a baby during school - she hated the name of the dumb group, but still was the president. She did a big rebranding thingy to make it more about non-traditional students instead of "Older Wiser" because.. um.. wtf does that mean? Anyway, hope your parenting group goes well.

  2. You're really making me miss law school right now! Glad that you're already making it your home and as Amie says, finding your people. That's at least 50% of the battle right there!