Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Arizona Immigration Law

Behold! This is not a heavy-handed opinion-laden post about how Arizona legislators are batshit crazy.

That would be too obvious.

Plus I want to spare you all my idealistic ranting until law school actually starts.

No, this is a post about Jon Stewart.

On an episode of The Daily Show today I saw something so funny I nearly spit Pepsi out of my nose.

While having an interview with his "Immigration Correspondent" to get an explanation of the new Arizona law pertaining to stopping anyone who looks "reasonably suspicious" and asking for identification, hilarity ensued.

The "Immigration Correspondent" (does anyone know which actor this was?) begins showing photos and asking Jon to identify if they are "reasonably suspicious." It shows a photo of Dora the Explorer (ruled as suspicious by the correspondent) and a picture of Eric Estrada in his C.H.I.P.S uniform. When it shows a picture of Jeffrey Dahmer, Jon becomes alarmed and starts pointing "Him! He's a murderer! He's a cannibal! He killed lots of people!."

The correspondent replies, "Don't be ridiculous, the police aren't going to stop and arrest people for being hungry."

LOL. That was a good one. I guess you had to see it though.

So... yeah.

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