Monday, May 17, 2010

Trivial Dilemma

I have been lucky to develop a handful of readers. Some lawyers, some about to be lawyers, and some mommy-lawyers. Love to you all!

The problem is, some read this blog and some read my personal blog. I thought it would be important to keep the two separate, to spare blawg-readers my mundane baby bragging and vice versa, keep my friends and family spared from any legal ranting.

Can it be done? Should I just combine them? Should I double post entries to each?

On another note, I received a packet from The U this week, containing a form to pay my orientation fee. It feels like highway robbery, but whatever. I completely panicked and rethought law school. I started asking everyone for advice who would listen, even though everyone knows this decision is mine alone. I really want to be a lawyer, it just sucks that all those wishy-washy overachievers out there are saturating the market. Oh and there's that whole recession thing.

I've decided I'm going to do it. Again. Crisis averted. Now I just have to shell out the cash.

I've refinished my vintage desk and put new hardware on, pics to come, I promise!

I'm going to have a lovely kid-free office to use for studying. YAY!

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