Thursday, November 4, 2010

Smack my B***tch Up

Today I made that CivPro midterm my bitch. I was really nervous about it, but it went really well. It was ungraded, but simulated the actual exam so closely that I got some good experience in. I worked out some little bugs with the Exam4 software and feel more comfortable using it now. It doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but add the stress of an exam and EVERY LITTLE THING makes you freak out.

I think I did really well on it. I was worried that my outline wouldn't be user-friendly, which is why I opted to do the exam. It worked fine, although I could pick out the holes in it (the days I didn't prepare for class, of course). I'll work on those over Thanksgiving. I need to get more familiar with the Rules we've been studying this week, since I've been basically stoned on cold medicine the whole week. It's amazing how little I comprehend when I'm taking medicine.

Today I took some daytime medicine and had the jitters all through my exam. Probably adrenaline and probable DRUGZ.

Tomorrow is the legal research final. We have so much information to go over but I am determined that I will ROCK IT.

I think we're getting our memo rough drafts back tomorrow. That will be nice, because I can get to work on it and be done. Career services bummed me out today when they said our memo will be the writing sample we use to apply for jobs this winter. I was so looking forward to being done with it forever. I'll have to be really dedicated and revise it extensively so that it's something I'm proud of.

Night all! Wish me luck tomorrow!

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  1. Good luck! And yay for kicking butt on the civ pro midterm! I'm sure you'll do great tomorrow!

    And now for a little bit of Queen to pump you up: *starts singing* Weeeee are the champions, my friend. And we'll go on fighting - til the end! We are the champions....WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS...of the world!

    Sorry about that...caffeine is not my friend. ;)