Saturday, March 12, 2011

Winding Down, Heating Up

As the semester winds down, things are heating up for me. I have some major decisions to make before summer rolls around, but it isn't so much rolling as crashing toward me like an out of control freight train.

There are a lot of trains in your life when you're in law school. I thought when torts was over I'd be free from railroad cases, but no, they pop up in ConLaw all the time.

The figurative train here is Internship v. Spanish Classes. My university offers an expedited program during summer, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to do it. It's been about five years since I took Spanish and I plan to be fluent before I finish law school. Every time I go to the immigration clinic to volunteer I wish I were fluent. It's time to get on it, and I have a feeling that I'm not going to have any more time on my hands as school progresses.

I'm excited by so many different opportunities it's hard to choose, but the general advice I've been getting is that it doesn't matter. I could take the summer off and spend it with Abby if I wanted to and it wouldn't affect my future at all, other than the fact that I'd be happy to have the break. That's the beauty of not going into Big Law, your 1L summer doesn't completely define your future.

I could do the judicial clinic, which would be cool, but I'm not particularly interested in it. I probably should be, but there it is. Judges in my conservative state, are somewhat contrary to my personal ideology. Working for one would be educational, but I'm not entirely sure how much I would like it. I need to work on that whole diplomacy thing, I guess.

For now, I'm focusing on my appellate brief. It's coming along, but I am getting pretty sick of the subject matter. If I never have to work on a religious discrimination case again I'll be glad. Once that gets turned in next week I'm off to Vegas for a fabulous vacation. I cannot wait. I may or may not spend some time working while we're gone, but I doubt it. My favorite professor told me not to do any homework over Spring Break. On Fall Break I worked 8 hour days outlining and still had to redo it all when I got done with regular classes. I'm going to learn from that and enjoy a nice vacation. 4 star hotels, room service, and time with my hubby. It just can't get any better than that. Exams should be a breeze after that.

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  1. "There are a lot of trains in your life when you're in law school."

    So true!! :-)

    The end of semesters are always stressful, but one thing I found really tough to adjust to on the LPC was having exams mid-semester. During my LLB (the equiv. of your JD) it was nice to associate the end of exams with the end of the year and freedom; with the LPC was a horrible shock to have to dust yourself down and get the hell on with the rest of the semester!