Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fitness Challenge and Family Pictures

Here is the status of the fitness challenge. Mostly it's not even started yet, we're starting tomorrow. Some people hadn't gotten back to me with their goals so I decided to delay it a bit. Things often don't go to plan, but I am still going to lose the weight so I don't care if other people need to procrastinate.

My progress thus far is pretty non-existent. I haven't worked out that many times, but I've been more mindful of my eating. During school I stopped buying lunches and started making them. This weekend I put some jeans on I haven't worn in months. I weigh the same, but I seem to be a bit thinner. I'll have to get on the ball if I want to lose some pounds.

Finding time to work out is really difficult. My schedule is ridiculous, but here is what I am trying to aim for:

Monday Evening
Tuesday Afternoon
Thursday Afternoon
Friday Afternoon

Then on the weekend do at least one physical activity with the family.
This weekend we're going to take Abby and go to a corn maze! It should
be awesome.

Last weekend we got some family pictures taken. I think they're a good way to gauge where I am and where I hope to be.



  1. Even though you do have a busy schedule on a daily basis. It's nice to spend some time for yourself for exercise. It will actually make your life more better and your family happier.

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  2. I gained the most weight of my life in law school. I spent my clerkship taking it off.