Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Power Up!

Yesterday in between errands I got a little me-time. I bought a couple new suits and got my hair cut and styled. I had recently had a horrible haircut and needed to get the damage repaired before my interview. I went to the Paul Mitchell School and they did a fantastic job! I felt amazing when I left; so empowered! I walked into my interview at the public defender feeling good about myself and left the interview feeling the same way. It was a very quick (ten minute) interview, but I thought the interviewer was responding well to the things I had to say. I know of a couple of my classmates who were interviewing and they are really great, I hope I get it but I also wish them luck. I am hoping the department will take a couple of clerks. One of  my friends already works there and it would be really fun to work with her.

When I bought the suits the clerk at Macy's (where I never, ever shop) talked me into a store credit card, which I immediately regretted. I then promptly changed my mind. They have a great selection of suits and other things and it will be fun to broaden my shopping horizons a bit.

All in all, I felt like a lawyer today. It's silly I know, and I have worn suits and had haircuts before but today it just felt RIGHT.

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