Monday, August 6, 2012

Slippery Summer

Summer is one slippery sucker, ever slipping away while I'm not looking. I have less than ten hours left on my internship at the public defender office and one ten page paper left to write. I have procrastinated so much on the paper it's ridiculous. It will only take a little while to do, but it's just so B-O-R-I-N-G. I am not interested in the topic at all. It's even ON POINT with my chosen field and I still can't bring myself to give a crap. Why, you ask? Because MURDER TRIAL. I am going all Dooce with the all caps today, aren't I? The murder trial is ramping up and I am having fun working on it, but the pressure is starting to build. I may get to go out there soon to do some intensive trial prep, but for now it's all stressful last minute discovery.

Before I know it, school will be starting up. It's crazy. Do you realize what fall of 3L means? BAR APPLICATION. Holy mother of crap, I have to start that mess. It's easier said than done, given my multiple name changes and dozens of jobs in the last ten years. Frankly the thought is stressful to me, even more-so than the actual bar exam. That will change soon I'm sure.

I had this whole plan in my head (and on paper, and on the Internet) that included getting in shape before school started. I pictured walking into class after the summer all fit and sexy and everyone would be super jealous. With only 2 weeks to go, that is not going to happen. Some dear friends from law school got married over the summer in Wisconsin, so they are doing a big reception in September. It will be dinner and dancing and a great time, so I'm going to shoot for that date to wow my friends. Tonight at 10pm I actually got on the treadmill and ran/walked for 20 minutes and then did my physical therapy. My PT is kicking my ass, almost like a personal trainer. Hopefully I can keep it up so that I can lose some weight, but at this point I am starting to wonder if my hormonal issues contributing to infertility might also be affecting my weight loss. I'm considering seeing a specialist and getting a full hormone panel done. Who knows, maybe the weight loss will correct that too, but maybe the hormone fix will correct the weight issue? It's a vicious circle.


  1. So many exciting things coming your way! That murder trial prep sounds SO fascinating.

    and good job with the exercise, keep it up and it will be the one thing that keeps you sane :)

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