Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Time Keeps on Slippin'

I had been doing so well blogging at least once a week. Then it was time for school to start. I got my summer work finished and had nary a break before Fall classes started. So far I only like 1 of my classes. I'm not crazy about Arbitration or Business Organizations, possibly because I have so little interest in the topics. Arbitration freaks me out because it requires small assignments all through the semester and I am used to be able to slack off all semester and then cram for an exam.

Normally I am grateful for small assignments because it means your grade is based on multiple opportunities to excel, but I know I am going to get a B no matter how hard I try so I would prefer to be lazy and just take an exam. At least we are encouraged to work with a friend on arbitration assignments, because my friends are crazy good at (and interested in) drafting arbitration agreements.

I think my gender/sexuality/law class is going to be really interesting, but I find myself getting pretty ticked off at the readings. Today we discussed the documents published by the Catholic and Mormon churches about homosexuality. I felt a surge of anger reading the steps these churches ask you to take if you are gay. Still, perhaps through these studies I can develop better tools for discussions with those who do not believe in gay rights, without resorting to screaming matches.

I have not started my clinic at the public defender office yet, but I am concerned about how busy it is going to keep me. We have to do 12 trials  on our own! The odds of that even happening seem so slim as it is, and I of course wouldn't feel ethical encouraging clients to go to trial just to meet my course requirements! I wonder (somewhat naively) if previous students have done such a thing?

Things on the weight loss track have been terrible. I have actually gained a couple of pounds. I got a Fitbit and started using it, but I don't think that it is helping much. Having a set goal for steps per day assumes that you are able to work out every single day. Otherwise, you look down at the device on your hip and see that barring a full-blown workout you are a failure for the day. I ordered the workout which is just one level below P90X, so I am going to give that a try. It arrives today, hopefully it will sufficiently kick my butt.

All in all, I am definitely not into the swing of things yet. Hopefully in another week or so I will be used to school (and not taking a nap every day).

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  1. Just think! Your last fall in school ever. (It was what got me through...that, and skipping the occasional class to do something decadent like shopping.)