Monday, March 1, 2010

This is Why I Want to Practice Law

To catch scumbags, if that sums it up enough. Specifically those who take advantage of people. I spoke to a woman at work today who'd been in an abusive relationship. She had moved here from Colombia and hooked up with this guy, who proceeded to open a merchant account in her name and use it to open a gym. So now the government thinks she has made all this money running a gym, even though the business itself is not in her name. She is completely screwed. I only work for the merchant software, so all I could do is report and help her close the account, but she was so lost I gave her a little advice as well. File a police report, hire an attorney. Identity theft is no small matter, but it is exceptionally huge when there is a business involved. I wish I were already a lawyer so I could sue the guy for her or prosecute his ass for fraud.

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