Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Internship

Yesterday I started my internship, working for a criminal defense attorney. In addition to teaching me legal stuff, he is letting me help him grow his business. Since I have a background in technology and internet marketing I have a lot to contribute. The awesome part is that we get along so well and he is SO enthusiastic to have me around. We bounce ideas off each other and I get to nerd out by reading case files as big as phone books. It's swell.

Yesterday I got to read said case file, do a client intake, learn their legal software, and check the status of the co-defendant's cases related to the phone book-sized case. (The witnesses hadn't shown up so they'd been dismissed, potentially affecting our case.)

Today I got to drive out of state (2 hours each direction) for a ten minute pre-trial conference which will be resolved by affidavit, come back, go to court for a motion hearing, AND get a massage IN THE OFFICE. It was awesome. It may not sound like a lot, but in between hearings and other tasks we talked a lot. I learned about pending cases and we exchanged stories. It was really great.

Tomorrow? Pre-trial conference for a case and arraignment for the phone book case.

I love this work. It's exciting and different and I genuinely like meeting the clients and doing my best to help them out. Sometimes it's a completely unfair messed up charge, sometimes they did it and you do your best to mitigate the consequences. Either way, it's a huge learning experience.

My goal is to increase business so much they can't live without me. :)

This weekend I have homework. I have to do research on personal breathalyzer tests. You get two guesses how I am going to do that.

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