Monday, May 9, 2011

Tiiiiiiiime is on My Side


This is extremely weird. I have nothing to do in the evenings. No obligations, no homework. I don't start work at the law firm until the 18th. Every night, I can do whatever I want, provided the toddler is fed and kept alive generally. We've been playing trains a lot in the evenings.

My friend's bachelorette went off without a hitch, and I had an amazing time. I think everyone else did too. There is something incredibly surreal and amazing about being in an 80 degree swimming pool under a crisp blue sky on top of a snow-capped mountain. Lola and I went up after our last final (Property, and it was a bitch). We picked up groceries and stocked the full kitchen in the suite and then went for a swim. We got some quality time together celebrating becoming 2L's. It was extremely relaxing and fun. Then we went back to the suite and started getting ready. I had arranged for a professional photographer to come and take vintage style pinup photos. We got ourselves all dolled up and waited for the rest of the girls. Once the bride arrived, we got her all ready. It was a really great night, filled with champagne, margaritas, and laughter.

I'll post a couple of photos on here for now, just so you can see me and my best girls. There were a couple of my besties who weren't there, but we had such a wonderful time and thought of them often. I must say, I got pretty good at doing vintage hair.

Me and Lola.

Lalalala Lola!

Me and Amelia.

Suzy Q.

Me and Suzette.

And finally, here comes the bride, Justine.

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  1. It looks like you had so much fun! I'm super jealous. :)