Sunday, July 22, 2012

New and Improved

This week I started working on myself a bit. Some little things, some pretty major. Here's a quick list:

My spinal specialist (I have L4 and L5 disc bulge) gave me a steroid injection in May and asked me to start physical therapy and get custom orthotics for my shoes. I didn't do either of those things because I had so much going on. I got the orthotics and I start physical therapy tomorrow.

I started exercising and have worked out almost every day this week. My back feels much better with the small bit I have done; we'll see how well we do with the physical therapy. I'm only a week into my (very very gradual) running program but I'm seeing huge improvements and weight loss.

I stopped drinking soda cold turkey. No alcohol (since we're trying to conceive) and only drinking water or milk. Mostly this is for the sake of my teeth, but the lack of caffeine dependency is nice as well.

I've been cooking meals and keeping the house clean, which has helped me with energy and motivation as well. I am much more likely to do healthy things like exercise and cook dinner if the house is clean.

I started taking regular vitamins (including prenatals).

I feel really good so far, although very tired. That may have something to do with the 1k or so pages of discovery I indexed today though.

We went to the zoo today, here is one of my favorite pictures:

We had a great time and since we have a membership now we'll be going back a lot. We caught the bird show and it was as fun as always. Abby got a kick out of the birds that could "talk." We went by the gift shop and while she could have gotten basically anything in the store (squishy stuffed animals, candy, science-type gadgets) my kid went with a helicopter. That's my girl!


  1. Cute picture! Just recently, after 10 years of my soda addiction, I cut it out cold turkey as well. I drink a ton more water and don't get caffeine withdrawl headaches anymore. I have to admit, I occassionally have Zevia (I hear that it's much better for you and you can get flavors without caffeine) and I love it.

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