Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sound Off! One two...

A little sound off for today's reading pleasure.

Brian and I had a wonderful weekend date, we went to the local amusement park where we went on our first date. I couldn't believe it had been six years since we last went! We discovered (to our horror) that we have become "Those People". You know Those People, they are the super lame whiney people popping Dramamine and complaining about the heat. I felt myself being super terrified of going on rides (many of them I had been on HUNDREDS of times in my youth). I got shaky and nauseated at the mere sight of the newest additions to the park. Still, I pressed on, determined to not be one of Those People. I picked the newest, most scary ride EVER and we went on it. First. Here's what I subjected myself to:


And this.

And this.

WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING? I pretty much felt like I was going to hurl for about two hours after that. Brian wasn't doing so hot himself, so we went on the ferris wheel and several other safe rides hoping my stomach would calm down.

We discovered another new ride in the park which is basically little jet airplanes which SPIN AROUND over and over while flying. PUKE. I opted not to challenge myself on that point. Here it is:

Yeah, no.

I was pretty annoyed at my body that it can't handle rides anymore (even with motion sickness medicine). I used to LOVE it in my younger days. Oh well, the price of getting old I guess. We still managed to have a great time, but Brian wrenched his neck pretty hard on one of the rides. Queue the sounding off...

Brian has been off work for the last two days because of his neck. It was causing nausea and pain (I'm guessing whiplash? but it's better now so it's fine) and he didn't want to go to work. He was a trooper and still dropped Abby off and picked her up from daycare. I was working from home, and while he was minimally invasive just having him around totally threw off my groove. I kept wanting to do things and couldn't because he was around, and he assumed my attempts to concentrate on the 20,000 pages of discovery I'm trying to catalog was me being "mad at him." Maybe he was partly right, but mostly I was just trying to do the work I had committed myself to do for those two days. Plus, he wanted to play video games and I like to watch Netflix while I catalog.

Basically I am not only one of Those People, but I'm totally ungrateful for my amazing husband who probably just wanted a couple lazy days at home to recover and my working from home threw off HIS groove.

*sigh* I feel like such a jerk sometimes.

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