Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ah, Decisions Decisions

Of course we're going to stay in Home State. Of course we are! I made 75 phone calls the day I found out I had been admitted to Home State University. A full ride from University of Akron couldn't possibly change my decision, could it?

Grr. Just when you think everything has fallen into place.

I think a list of pros and cons is in order, though I'll spare you the minutiae. Essentially it comes down to the fact that I don't want to move. Uprooting my family and leaving behind nearly our entire social network is a painful prospect. If I do it by sheer numbers, sure, Akron is the better choice. Rent is cheap there, my tuition would be covered, the cost of living is a bit cheaper. My former boss and mentor teaches there so we wouldn't be completely by ourselves in the wilderness. However, there would be the cost of relocating. Sure, we could get reimbursed using financial aid, but we'd have to pay it back so it's not exactly free money.

How do you put a price on friends and family?

I was planning on framing my letter of admission, but the baby literally ate it. Well not all of it, but there are some fantastic bite marks near the top and it's pretty banged up. I'm sure it is symbolic of how our experience in law school is going to be, so maybe I'll frame it anyway, bite marks and all.

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