Friday, February 5, 2010

Can't Hurt to Try

During my application process, I decided on a whim to apply to the Home State University. We live close by and my husband actually works there so we would get half off tuition. I knew it was probably a waste of the application fee, but the reality was we were facing relocation with the families' first grandchild, and grandparents on both sides were greatly distressed. They were supportive, but it was going to be hard on all of us. My mother-in-law repeatedly offered to raise the baby while we were off to law school, she was so broken up about us leaving.

Today I got the call of my life, when the Home State University admissions department called and offered me admission. It is the highest ranked school to which I applied, and I honestly didn't think I had a prayer of getting in. I didn't even tell my family I had applied, because I didn't want anyone to get their hopes up. Not even a day ago I had basically decided we were moving to Oregon, and now I suddenly get to stay in my home state. My husband gets to keep working, and I get half off tuition. Can life get any better than this?!

So a word to those contemplating applying to law school, it can't hurt to apply to a dream school. You just might get in.

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