Friday, February 5, 2010

A Voice From the Past

I received an email via Facebook yesterday from the wife of my former boss. He is a Professor of Geography and used to teach at the university where I completed my undergrad. I was his assistant for two years and during that time he became my mentor and my friend. After I graduated he accepted a position with the University of Akron and moved to Ohio. The law school there had some interesting programs and as the cost of living there is relatively close to that of Home State I decided to apply. Knowing someone in the area is definitely a plus, as the thought of relocating to some place I've never been scares the hell out of me. Anyway, back to Facebook. As my mentor is "morally opposed to Facebook" he requested his wife use it to contact me and ask that I email him directly with my phone number. We're going to talk tonight about my future and I am anticipating a large YAY AKRON speech. I'll have to tell him Willamette is my current top choice. =(

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