Friday, July 9, 2010

Language Lover

This week I am in Vienna, VA visiting friends. This was a great opportunity for us to get out and see something amazing before starting law school. It was also a chance for us to reconnect before we are severed as I turn into a law school drone and forget how to be human. We decided to take it, and I'm so glad we did.

Our friends are an amazing couple who we've become close to through sheer happenstance. Brian's older brother Mark, who died in October, had been close friends with "J" in his early school days. J went on to become an attorney, and when he flew in for the funeral we had a chance to talk. He offered to give advice about law school, and several hours of phone calls ensued. He visited Home State recently, and offered to host us if we were ever in the area. We've always wanted to see D.C., so of course we made arrangements right away. We've also always wanted to tour wine country, so we added Virginia's wine country to our list of sites.

What an amazing trip this has been. We've toured the capitol building and the George Washington Masonic Memorial (AWESOME). The first winery we visited gave us 25 different wines to sample! We bought a couple of bottles to drink while visiting, as it's illegal for us to bring or ship anything to Home State. (LAME) I especially enjoyed visiting the National Archives, and getting to see the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. I got quite teary eyed over the whole thing. People thought I was a nerd. I probably could have won their understanding if I explained I'm a doe-eyed idealistic law student.

We crammed in as much as possible, but of course we know that we're going to miss out on some things. I'm definitely ready to go home now. I miss my baby so much. I can't believe it's been a week since I've last held her. She of course, has been having too much fun at "Bompa and Nana"'s house.

Helping Bompa mow the lawn.

Sleepy girl.

I've missed her so much. I've called every night to talk to her, but I can tell it's more for me than her.

Still, the sacrifice was worth it (LOL I KNOW) to be able to have this time with Brian before school starts.

I also got some amazing photos. I particularly like this one:

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