Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bar Review

Last night was Bar Review (again, a bar outing with fellow law students, not actual review for the Bar) but the law students were skipping the trivia portion due to conflicts for Bar takers.

I had a friend willing to go with me to trivia in spite of this. We tried to get more people, but everyone had finals or work to deal with so we were resolved to lose and lose badly. Luckily, a team of only three asked of any small teams would want to combine. Steve recognized two of the guys are recent winners and knew hooking up with them would greatly increase our chances. There were nearly 30 teams and we ended up beating them all! I take credit for a few of the questions. Of note was popular product slogans translated into Middle English. You had to figure out the slogan, and then come up with the brand. We got all of them and earned quadruple points for the round. We beat the next team down by 11 points, which is a LOT. The hosts were shocked at how much we scored!

After trivia, I went back and found the law students. I had a great conversation with the Student Bar Association president. Everyone was so friendly and supportive and they were often shocked that an incoming 1L had shown up. I guess I get some Awesome Points for that.

I am so excited for school. During his advice giving, the president (Tomu) told me this would be the best 3 fucking years of my life. He is the only one who has said that to me and I appreciated his optimism. I love learning and I'm excited to get started. What a great way to get revved up for school, winning 50 bucks worth of alcohol!

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  1. I freaking LOVED law school. It definitely came close to being some of the best 3 years of my life too, even with the misery of exams and the bar and what-not. Because, really, anything worth having / doing is worth going through some crap to get / do. Really earn it, you know? I just look at it all as hazing to join the club o' lawyers. It's hazing, but the people you meet going through it are incredible. I would absolutely do it all over again, even with a job that isn't the best and some debt and whatever else, because it was AWESOME. I hope you love it.

    (but look out for SBA types. I was never a student government kind of kid, so they all rather annoyed me with their enthusiasm. it's okay to love law school WITHOUT being such a joiner that everybody you know wants to kick your ass.)