Thursday, July 1, 2010

/Deep breath

This is going to be a seriously insane few days. Tomorrow is Brian's birthday bbq (also our friend Jeremie's birthday bbq) and we're going down for that. We do the combined birthday party every year and it's super fun. Plus, MOJITOS!!! And we'll be crashing there.

Then off to Brian's parents, spending time with them before we leave town. And we'll be crashing there.

Then to our friends' place to relax and play. And we'll be crashing there, because they live close to the parade route and we love having sleepovers at their house.

Crack of dawn Monday, we're off to the parade. It's a tradition, despite how much I am not looking forward to the horrible heat. And sunblock. And sleepy grumpy 1 year old. Then back to my parents' place to hang for a bit, before leaving her with them.

Home on Monday, flight to DC on Tuesday.

This will be the longest I've ever left the baby. I'm sort of freaking out, though I am really excited about our trip. It is going to be amazing, and an awesome break before I start law school.

Still, I am freaking out about how busy it is going to be the next few days. I'm going to need a vacation after all the festivities.

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