Saturday, June 26, 2010

"It's Chair City, and I'm the Guy Who's...

Sitting in a chair!"

Bonus points if you get the Friends reference.

My parents delivered to me, by sheer magic, the chair below. It has a matching ottoman. When I said I wanted an oversize chair and ottoman for the reading nook in my office (AKA Law School Dungeon) theirs were the model I was using in my head. I've always loved the set. Not so much for the southwestern fabric, but for the shape and the comfy-scale ranking.

It has been serving as a bed for their super-spoiled 90lb Boxer "Junior" and subsequently displays the abuse to go with it. It bears tears in the fabric, worn areas, and about fifty million dog hairs. My vacuum, which could suck the hair right off my skin, doesn't even TOUCH the hairs embedded in the fabric.

The condition (and hairiness) led me to seek out options for recovering it. Upholstering would be expensive, and I was worried a slip cover may end up looking like this:

My apologies to the woman who blogged that particular slipcover to market her custom slipcover business. But honestly! The chair she had before looked perfectly fine before she did this to it.

We don't wear huge floral RUFFLES in real life unless some bridezilla forces us, I don't want it in my house ON DISPLAY.

I kept searching and found these amazing looking Sure Fit brand slipcovers. They are super stretchy and have elastic around the bottom, so they conform to the shape of your chair. I was really nervous it wouldn't fit, or it would not look as good as it does in the pictures. For real, this picture doesn't look half as good as it does in person (since it's a suede-like fabric the camera shows all the little hand prints etc.) The color is actually wine (and matches the wine/black stripe in the original fabric, so I don't have to recover the ottoman until later.) These slipcovers are really expensive, about 90 for a chair cover and 50 for an ottoman cover. I lucked out and found a deal on eBay for 22 bucks. The guy happened to be local and I met with him and saw some of his other inventory. EXCELLENT DEALS! Anyway, here it is!

One step closer to awesome officeness! I just need to find myself a wooden office-chair that isn't horribly uncomfortable.

If you are looking for great deals, have a look at the guy's eBay store:

Global Sales


  1. it'll work! Hope the ottoman doesn't look to tacky with it now. You need both because when you just want to take a while for yourself, this is the place to relax and spread out.
    Love Ya Honey,

  2. Awesome find Shan! Good luck at the U this fall Much Love