Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Weird Dream #2

As I have nothing law related to talk about, here is my crazy dream from last night (coming to a theater near you.)

I am living in an old house set up like a dorm. I have a roommate who is a good friend of mine. My mom throws a party for my birthday, with tons of fancy hors d'ouvres. I end up trying to do it with my boyfriend in her bed, so she gets mad and moves out. Kenneth from 30 Rock is there, playing a nerdy page-like college kid who lives in our building. The next morning I wake up outside, no idea how I got there, and am disappointed to find all the hors d'ouvres are gone and I didn't get any. (My mom isn't a gourmet, so I was interested in trying them.)I'm sad Roommate is gone, but get distracted by crazy redneck guy trying to shoot me with a sniper rifle from outside the window.

Cut to me driving with some guy in a Jeep to a parking lot, where I see a helicopter parked. Just as we get out of the Jeep, the guy with me gets shot. So I run and jump in the helicopter, start it up, and begin learning how to fly it. Tricky mountain-dodging, horizon-finding, freeway driver-freaking outing, adventure.

I land the helicopter back at the house, where sweet Kenneth guy comes up to me and points a gun at me. I ask him to explain, and he says I make a lousy spy. He musses up his hair and takes off his page jacket, and LOOK! It's the redneck guy! It was him all the time!

Shocking, I know. Seriously, this is what my dreams are like most of the time, it's really bad when I'm pregnant. If I'd had this dream while pregnant, I would have been out of bed dodging bullets and trying to fly a helicopter while my horrified husband watched.

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