Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hurry Hurry School Starts Soon!

I started a little project back in October. I hacked up all of Abigail's clothes from her first year. I just couldn't bring myself to donate/sell/toss them, when some of those outfits she wore when she was first born or were particular favorites. So, I decided to make a quilt. After cutting the clothes up and making uniform shapes, I made a quilt design. I did it in Excel and it looked like this:

And then I never did anything with it. I bought a sewing machine to use but with the different types of fabric (some stretchy, some not, some cut against the bias, some the opposite) the machine just wasn't cutting it. So I decided to do it by hand. I needed to be able to lay the whole thing out, because of the design I wouldn't really know where to stop colorwise, but had no place to do it where a particular 1 year old would not destroy it. I decided I absolutely have to get this done before school starts, and determined as soon as we moved into our new place I would get to work.

We moved in on Monday, unpacked on Tuesday, and I have now done 4 out of 18 rows. I had never actually laid out the pieces until just this week. It looks even more incredible than it did in my head. I am SO excited. This will be a cherished heirloom that I will keep forever. People keep assuming I will give it to Abigail, but c'mon, this is way too special to hand off to a rugrat or stick in a box until she's 18. I want to snuggle it, just like I snuggled my little baby when she was wearing these things. Bonus point of using old clothes, they are pre-snuggled. AND they've been washed a million times so they are easy to sew and there is no worry about shrinking or having to be ironed.

Here it is!

I may make a collage with pictures of her wearing the outfits centered around a photo of the quilt.

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  1. This looks amazing! I am SO impressed just at the sheer amount of time it must have taken to get the quilt to this point!