Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bar Review

Tonight is the first summer Bar Review. For you non-legal types, this has nothing to do with The Bar, it's about going to a bar and "reviewing" it. Tonight they have bar trivia and karaoke and the bar chosen is one of my favorites in SLC; Piper Down. Unfortunately I already have plans so I can't make it. BUMMER! Karaoke would be a great way to impress my classmates and I LOVE to sing. It will be nice to have a weekly non-law activity to look forward to. They seem to have a lot of things going on, including Law Prom (actually called something else but that's what people call it.) It will be fun to get all dressed up. I do so love my man in a tux.

What fun things did your law school do to keep you from slitting your wrists?

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