Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bar Review

Last night was Bar Review (again, a bar outing with fellow law students, not actual review for the Bar) but the law students were skipping the trivia portion due to conflicts for Bar takers.

I had a friend willing to go with me to trivia in spite of this. We tried to get more people, but everyone had finals or work to deal with so we were resolved to lose and lose badly. Luckily, a team of only three asked of any small teams would want to combine. Steve recognized two of the guys are recent winners and knew hooking up with them would greatly increase our chances. There were nearly 30 teams and we ended up beating them all! I take credit for a few of the questions. Of note was popular product slogans translated into Middle English. You had to figure out the slogan, and then come up with the brand. We got all of them and earned quadruple points for the round. We beat the next team down by 11 points, which is a LOT. The hosts were shocked at how much we scored!

After trivia, I went back and found the law students. I had a great conversation with the Student Bar Association president. Everyone was so friendly and supportive and they were often shocked that an incoming 1L had shown up. I guess I get some Awesome Points for that.

I am so excited for school. During his advice giving, the president (Tomu) told me this would be the best 3 fucking years of my life. He is the only one who has said that to me and I appreciated his optimism. I love learning and I'm excited to get started. What a great way to get revved up for school, winning 50 bucks worth of alcohol!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

These Are the Days

Time keeps slipping away but I am trying as much as possible to slow things down and enjoy the time I have left with my darling baby. I am going to miss her so much during the day, but I also know I will be completely in love with learning.

Today we picked up a little wading pool (and by little I mean SO VERY TEENY) to put on our patio. Our friends across the street brought Rachel over and the girls played for hours. It was really fun and they were so very cute.

I picked up Abigail's hot pink ruffly swimsuit at a consignment shop. It was 4 bucks and Ralph Lauren. Not too shabby!

This smile makes all choices worth it, even the hard ones.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's All Coming Together

A few quickies before I force myself to study and then drag my sorry self to bed.

1. We got childcare all settled for Abigail this fall. I was stressing about it, because I really wanted our previous part time babysitter to watch her again, but this time it would be full time and I was worried that her vegetarian beliefs may present a problem. I know it sounds lame, but I really want both of us to be comfortable and if it was going to bug her I didn't want to force her to do it. I also firmly believe meat is good for kids, and wasn't willing to compromise. I also wanted to see what her terms would be, and as we're friends too discussing money is somewhat uncomfortable for me. She was TOTALLY supportive and all her answers to my questions made me feel completely at ease. She even told me she is developing a baby learning curriculum to use while she watches Abigail. Much better than a normal sitter, and she won't be watching any other kids which makes me feel much safer. Oh, and she's a certified foster mom in Home State and I know all the classes and training you have to do for that. So I know Abby will be safe.

2. I finally got a printer and a bunch of supplies for school. It's sort of shocking what a few years out of school does to your supplies. I can't live without highlighters or Post-its.

3. While in D.C. I purchased lots of fun things for myself, including a nice pen. I like having a nice pen, it makes me feel all official. The bonus of this is that the pen is a penlight, and the light is really bright (probably LED) and it projects the seal of the US Patent and Trade Office. (I got it at their museum gift shop.) I think it's quite nifty.

4. I got my office mostly set up. I still need to find a chair somewhere, although I honestly don't know how much I'll be sitting at my desk. I have the huge overstuffed chair and ottoman (now nicely slip covered) in my little reading nook and I know I'll spend a lot of time there. For the hairy stuff though, requiring a table to spread out books etc. I think I'll probably just use the library at school. We'll see how it goes.

5. I'm about 2/3 of the way through the required book for orientation week. I'm quite enjoying it, which makes me super nerdy I think.

6. All the passion I felt about law school when I attended Admitted Students' Day has come back. All that hemming and hawing about whether to go is melting away as I prepare, and knowing Abigail will be in a happy and safe place each day has really helped with that.

7. I think some of my undergrad legal courses have ruined me, because I read the title "Whose Monet" and immediately guessed the conclusion and started rambling in my head about conversion. No surprises for me I guess!

8. I have roughly three weeks to finish my quilt. I finally succumbed and picked it up off the floor so I could actually use my office, but I numbered all the squares so I can keep working on it. I am determined to actually finish it before school starts.

9. Abigail has been exceptionally cuddly since she came home from Nana and Bompa's house. I think she subconsciously knows I am going to miss her so much when I am in school and is giving me the extra loves I need. Here she is wearing Nana's glasses.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Poop Brownies

In the local religious culture, you are not supposed to watch rated R movies. It's not forbidden, but it's discouraged. The following analogy relates to this rule.

A father and daughter are chatting over breakfast one morning. The daughter asks if she can go with friends to watch a particular rated R movie. The father of course, says no.

"But Daddy, it's not a bad movie! It has one or two bad parts in it but the rest is all fine!"

The father still says "no." The daughter says she hates him and flees to her room.

The next day she comes home from school and finds her dad waiting for her.

"Hi honey! I made you some brownies."

"Oh thanks Daddy! I love you!"

"Now before you eat these brownies you should know I used only the finest ingredients to make them. Except for one thing."


"I put a teeny-tiny bit of dog poop in them."

"What?!? Eww gross!!"

"Now now, it's only a teeny-tiny bit of poop. The rest of the brownies are really good!"

"How can you say that! They're ruined!"

"Well now you can see how just a tiny bit of evil can ruin something, just like your rated R movie."

YIKES. What a load of crap (well, just a teeny-tiny bit really) but applied in a different context it can have a good moral.

I try to explain all the time why I am such a stickler for the law, but people don't get it. When I mention that I can't bring alcohol into Home State people often suggest I do it anyway.

Just because I can get away with it doesn't mean I should do it, yet people don't understand.

A little bit of law-breaking can ruin me, and how can I expect to offer justice when I am ruined?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Language Lover

This week I am in Vienna, VA visiting friends. This was a great opportunity for us to get out and see something amazing before starting law school. It was also a chance for us to reconnect before we are severed as I turn into a law school drone and forget how to be human. We decided to take it, and I'm so glad we did.

Our friends are an amazing couple who we've become close to through sheer happenstance. Brian's older brother Mark, who died in October, had been close friends with "J" in his early school days. J went on to become an attorney, and when he flew in for the funeral we had a chance to talk. He offered to give advice about law school, and several hours of phone calls ensued. He visited Home State recently, and offered to host us if we were ever in the area. We've always wanted to see D.C., so of course we made arrangements right away. We've also always wanted to tour wine country, so we added Virginia's wine country to our list of sites.

What an amazing trip this has been. We've toured the capitol building and the George Washington Masonic Memorial (AWESOME). The first winery we visited gave us 25 different wines to sample! We bought a couple of bottles to drink while visiting, as it's illegal for us to bring or ship anything to Home State. (LAME) I especially enjoyed visiting the National Archives, and getting to see the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. I got quite teary eyed over the whole thing. People thought I was a nerd. I probably could have won their understanding if I explained I'm a doe-eyed idealistic law student.

We crammed in as much as possible, but of course we know that we're going to miss out on some things. I'm definitely ready to go home now. I miss my baby so much. I can't believe it's been a week since I've last held her. She of course, has been having too much fun at "Bompa and Nana"'s house.

Helping Bompa mow the lawn.

Sleepy girl.

I've missed her so much. I've called every night to talk to her, but I can tell it's more for me than her.

Still, the sacrifice was worth it (LOL I KNOW) to be able to have this time with Brian before school starts.

I also got some amazing photos. I particularly like this one:

Thursday, July 1, 2010

/Deep breath

This is going to be a seriously insane few days. Tomorrow is Brian's birthday bbq (also our friend Jeremie's birthday bbq) and we're going down for that. We do the combined birthday party every year and it's super fun. Plus, MOJITOS!!! And we'll be crashing there.

Then off to Brian's parents, spending time with them before we leave town. And we'll be crashing there.

Then to our friends' place to relax and play. And we'll be crashing there, because they live close to the parade route and we love having sleepovers at their house.

Crack of dawn Monday, we're off to the parade. It's a tradition, despite how much I am not looking forward to the horrible heat. And sunblock. And sleepy grumpy 1 year old. Then back to my parents' place to hang for a bit, before leaving her with them.

Home on Monday, flight to DC on Tuesday.

This will be the longest I've ever left the baby. I'm sort of freaking out, though I am really excited about our trip. It is going to be amazing, and an awesome break before I start law school.

Still, I am freaking out about how busy it is going to be the next few days. I'm going to need a vacation after all the festivities.